About Us

ACS Group, Inc. is a full service general contractor, providing the highest quality services for a diverse range of clients, which include federal, state, and local governments, Southern California Gas Company, Southern California Edison, Nonprofit Organizations, health care and publically traded retail corporations.

ACS Group, Inc. has over 100 years of combined experience in construction, including project management, construction management, vertical and horizontal turnkey construction.

ACS Group, Inc. since 1993, has evolved to become a top leader in the construction industry. We continually adapt to industry changes through vigorous educational development and hands on training to provide the most current industry standards.

ACS Group, Inc. has a comprehensive and experienced team that provides unmatched levels of professional services, from construction development to fostering community growth. Our Team offers the knowledge of general contracting combined with the science of construction management, to approach each project that surpasses client’s needs and expectations. We create relationships and personalize our client’s needs to better understand the project vision, from inception to completion. Our vision is fulfilled when our projects bring added value to the living and working environment of our clients.

ACS Group, Inc. is certified in the following; DBE, 8(a), WBE, SBE, MBE, CPUC, WI, and BOVIS Land Lease.

“Most everyone can produce a product, but it takes a true professional to produce great work.” ACS Group, Inc. is your true professional!